Are Penis Exercises Safe and Effective?

A lot of men might have considered penis exercises or jelqing at some point in their life. They must have also wondered about its effectiveness and safety. The reason behind all the skepticism is because it is not easy to seek information on penis exercises. You could not discuss it with a friend like you were discussing a workout in a gym for example.

The fact of the matter is penis exercises are a safe and proven way to increase the size of the penis as long as they are done right. The most common mistake that people do when it comes to trying penis exercises are to do one of the following, either follow wrong instructions or quit too soon before they can see results.

Following good instructions

You will probably see a lot of results on the Internet when you search for penis exercises. Some will give away “free exercises” for you to get started with penis enlargement. You should however understand that it is not just one or two exercises that will increase the size of the penis. Penis enlargement with the help of penis exercises is a gradual process and it usually takes about 6-8 weeks to take effect.

The reason why it takes that long is because a good exercise schedule will guide you through exercises of varying intensity. Your penis first needs to warm up to exercises and then get into a stage where growth can be stimulated with the right techniques. If you just blindly follow one exercise that you saw on the Internet, you could actually be harming your penis. A good penis exercise program will require you to perform over 25 different exercises although they will take only about 7 minutes a day. This is the safest way to perform penis exercises.

Quitting too early

This is another big reason why people think exercises do not work. You have to commit yourself to about 6-8 weeks of exercising to see results. If you are not ready for that, you should just not try exercises as they will be a waste of time if you quit early.

Though 6-8 weeks is a fairly long amount of time, it is only a few minutes of exercising everyday. You can just plug it into your schedule just after a shower and make it a daily routine for the next 6 weeks to make it easier. 7 minutes of exercising for about 6-8 weeks is only about 4 hours of exercises in two whole months.

In conclusion, exercises are safe and effective as long as you do them right and do them long enough.

Penis Exercises – Do They Increase Penis Size?

Enhancing your male performance is no longer considered a privilege of X-rated movie stars. Penis enlargement has almost achieved the level of recognition that female breast enlargement has. All in all, a lot of men are now thinking about penis enlargement and no wonder that in the last decade an entire industry has grown to fulfill that need. You are a few internet searches or late night commercials away from the multitude of male enhancement pills, pumps, creams, lotions, oils, patches, stretching devices and other products, with advertising messages promising improved erections, better control and performance in bed and ultimately the added inches to your penis size. The choice seems overwhelming and indeed it is.

In this article I will argue that manual penis exercises are the smart choice when it comes to increasing your penis size.

What are penis exercises?

Basically they are workouts that do not require any devices or dietary supplements. They include such exercises as jelqing (which uses milking-like movements), kegels (contracting and then relaxing pelvic floor muscles repeatedly), stretching and many others.

Penis exercises are a proven method of enhancing male sexual performance. For example, a research paper from 2005 issue of British Journal of Urology has shown that kegel exercises have significant benefits when treating such problems as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Now let’s see how penis enlargement exercises compare to other male enhancement methods:

Penis Exercises vs Surgery

Penis Surgery (phalloplasty) is an expensive procedure with a significant risk of complications. A typical surgical treatment is to cut the ligaments connecting the penis to its base so it “falls forward” from the body and appears larger. Needless to say, penis surgery is only recommended in very serious cases of small penis problems, particularly when the patient has a micropenis (less than 2 inches in erect state). In all other cases surgery is generally not a good idea.

Penis Enlargement Exercises vs Pumps

Pumps are one of the oldest penis enlargement devices. A pump is a cylinder which is equipped on the penis and has some way of sucking air out (either manual or a motor of some kind) The vacuum created inside the pump allow the natural pressure inside the penis to expand and produce an erection. Penis pumps can be used to produce erection on demand in individuals with erectile dysfunction, working even in serious cases of ED caused by nerve-damaging trauma, however their effect is short lived. As soon as the pump is taken off the erection subsides so a special compression ring must be maintained around the base of the penis constricting the blood flow out of it. Using pumps for prolonged periods of time may lead to permanent damage. As a result, penis pumps do not provide any kind of permanent positive effect and can only be recommended to individuals with severe impotence.

Penis Enlargement Exercises vs Pills:

Penis pills started to appear back in 1990s after Pfizer invented its famous erection pill Viagra. Fifteen years after their product appeared on the market there are now hundreds of different penis enlargement pills on the market but they all share the same defect: whatever active ingredients they have, it has to make a long way from the stomach to the penis, without damaging your organism or losing its effect. Moreover, there is no way for a penis pill to have any permanent effect on the penis size.


To conclude, exercises are a viable technique of improving male sexual performance and increasing penis size compared to other methods. They have another advantage too — a good exercise program DVD is cheap! Compared to surgery (easily 10 grand or more) or pills ($300-400 for a year’s supply) penis exercises are almost free.