Why Drug Addiction Ruins Lives

Drug addiction is the condition when a person is indulged in excessive consumption of drugs or the chemical substances. In such situation, the body and the nervous system become dependent upon the intake of these drugs. The cravings at regular intervals compel the person to use drugs. With time, the situation aggravates to the point that the abstinence of the drug can cause death of the individual.

Drug addiction brings many social, physical, emotional and economical problems. When these drugs are taken, the user feels sudden rush of energy and finds himself in the new world of his own choice. These drugs may help the person to escape from a certain mental or emotional problem but on the long run, they push him to the never-ending cascade of destruction.

The obliteration due to drug addiction starts from the health problems. The initial effects of addiction include the irregular breathing, unconsciousness, high blood pressure and sudden weight gain and weight loss. These conditions lead to serious problems like organ failure. It also affects the nervous system. Thus, a person who is mentally and physically unfit, can never face the challenges of life and moves towards an abnormal life.

Apart from the direct affects, there are many indirect health problems. For example there are some drugs taken through the route of blood. Mostly, the syringes used for this purpose are shared among the addicts. The shared use of syringes leads to the transfer of many deadly diseases. These diseases include hepatitis and AIDS.

The drug addiction ruins the social life of the person. When he starts taking drugs, he obviously behaves in an odd manner, not accepted by the society. This situation causes him to cut off from the society. Such a person is constantly ignored by the society. The feeling of being isolated and ignored pushes him to the world of drugs. Moreover, the addicts are involved in most of the law breaking activities in the society. So, drug addiction can also subject the person to legal issues.

The harmful effects of drugs are not confined to isolation from the society but also to his professional life. The use of the drugs impairs the capabilities of the person. He loses his ability to think and create anything. The professional affairs are subjected to inefficiency and negligence. Such behaviour leads to loss of the job or brings an end to the business.

Drug addiction ruins the family life of a person. If the addict is the care-taker of the family, his condition affects the life of the whole family. He can never satisfy the financial requirements of the family, thus the whole family suffers. Moreover, the odd behaviour that includes hitting and abusing destroys the environment of the home.

It is certain that the drug addiction comes with a heavy price. The drug providers exploit the cravings of the addict and supply the drugs on a heavy price. In the urge of getting drugs at every cost, the addict loses all his possession. Thus, all the factors or elements of the normal life are lost and the addict deliberately ruins his life.

Drug Addicts Need Your Intervention

Now is the time to help someone you love who has an addiction problem. You cannot let him just kill himself with drugs and alcohol, but if you allow him to continue on the path he is on, you know he will not survive. It is hard to convince someone they need help, so instead get help from others you know are his friend. You have to combine all his friends together to fight a force as strong as addiction. The best thing you can do is to not give up. Too many people give up on their drug addict friends and leave them to destroy their own lives, instead of destroying the lives of the people around them.

Once you have a group of friends to work together you have to consider professional intervention. This is best done through drug rehab clinics that have the experience and knowledge to get drug addicts on the right track. If you choose the right place you will find caring nurses who are there to help addicts, not just there to get a paycheck. That is a drastic turn around from the days of yesteryear and that is because the focus is more focused on the patient. There was a time that people were dropped off at these places because they were simply a menace to society.

Today the focus is on the individual in need of treatment and not the people that have been affected by their behavior. It used to be that in order for everyone to lead normal lives the deviants had to be removed from society. If they were drug addicts then they would be placed in a mental institution or similar. Now drug addicts get the help they need from people that know what it is like to be addicted. Society seems to have opened its eyes to the problems and helplessness that come with addiction.

Play your part with your friend or loved one and make sure you attempt to get them going in the right direction. If they have no one to guide them to the right path, they will surely have overdoses that could very well lead to the end of their lives. If you neglect your friend, he will neglect himself. Once your friend actually knows other people care about him, you may see a transformation in him, and that could lead to full recovery.