Depression and Its Various Causes

The researchers often talks about to find the cause of a disease. Some causes for a particular disease are very straightforward. For example a broken leg is the result of the strain in the leg muscles. The Knee pain is the result of the disruption in the tendons and ligaments. The running nose is the result of cold. But the situation is not so simple with depression because there is not only a single cause of depression. Even it is also very difficult to determine which cause results to which type of depression. Depression occurs because of the disturbance in the brain nerve cells due to which they are not in a condition of communicating with each other. These nerve cells are known as neurotransmitters. The factors which can effect these neurotransmitters and lead to depression are:

Family history: Depression can be a heredity disorder in some cases. Depression can be transferred from one generation to other in a family. So if someone’s ancestors or parents have ever experienced depression in their life then there are more chances of depression in their children.

Stress or disaster: The sad incident such as death of someone’s beloved or breakup in relationships can also cause cancer. Depression can also occur because of sudden change in life. These may include positive changes such as getting a new job and getting married. You can also suffer from depression because of some major financial crisis such as heavy loss in business.

Pessimistic Approach: People who have a negative approach towards life can suffer from depression. The people with low self prestige and those who always underestimate themselves are highly prone to cancer. But the depression occurs from such factors is very mild and is referred as Dysthmia.

Physical Disorders: Depression can also occur because of . diseases like cardiovascular, chronical and HIV. These diseases are not the direct cause of depression rather they makes the immune system weak. So the ability of body to fight against the diseases decreases. So depression can easily grasp such people.

Psychological Disorders: Depression in itself is a mental disorders but other mental problems such as Anxiety and Alzheimer can also lead to depression.

Access Dental Plan

The Access dental plan allows uninsured Americans to avail of affordable dental services at substantial savings. The Access plan is a ‘reduced-fee’ program that offers discounts of 20% to 60% below the average dental fees. And members can avail of dental care from a network of over 15,000 dentists nationwide. Other highlights of the plan include:

  • Orthodontic care is covered
  • There is no age limit for dependents
  • No referral is required to see a specialist for care
  • No waiting period; benefits are available the next business day following activation of membership
  • No predetermination of benefits is required

The Access dental plan also provides substantial savings for specialized procedures of as much as 15% to 20% off the provider’s customary fees, including:

  • Extensive root canals
  • Dental care for children
  • Braces
  • Gum care
  • Wisdom tooth or major extractions
  • Dentures and bridges

Membership fees are available for individuals at $104.95 a year and families at $159.95 a year (with three additional months coverage for free). Family membership covers spouse and dependent children as well as other permanent residents in the member’s household. Once your membership is approved, you will immediately receive an online membership package that includes membership cards, a complete fee schedule and tips on how to maximize your benefits. Group rates are also available for businesses and groups.

The Access dental plan is offered by the Access Dental Network, a national network dedicated to helping Americans reduce their dental expenses. The Access network includes over 19,000 dental care providers who offer users savings of 34% below usual and customary charges. The Access Network is owned by Access Plans USA, a marketing company that offers a wide range of health care products designed to offer uninsured as well as insured Americans health services at affordable costs.

Taking Care of a Baby

Babies are bundles of joy that bring happiness to any home family. It is very important to take proper care of them so that they grow to be healthy, strong and successful. The first thing you need to consider when looking after the child is diet and nutrition. It is advisable to breastfeed a newly born child for 6 months exclusively. This not only strengthens the bond between mother and child but it also improves the immunity of the child to keep them from falling sick. After the 6 months, introduce other foods slowly until you baby gets used to them. Be sure you give them a balanced diet with larger proportions of fruit and vegetables.

Hygiene and cleanliness is another important factor if you want the baby to grow in the proper way. Teach the baby simple habits like washing their hands before meals and after visiting the toilet. You should clean the baby with warm water at least once a day. Choose the products you use on the child very carefully to ensure they do not react to anything. Only use products from trusted brands that are mild and good for the baby. Clean all the equipment you use on the baby thoroughly, preferably with sanitizer, at all times to avoid infections. The house should also be kept very clean, as this is where the child moves around.

Babies need to get enough sleep to enhance their health, growth and development. Try and come up with regular sleeping patterns for the child so that they can get enough sleep. Take away all distractions that can cause the child not to have their sleep time. Finally, play time is very important for the babies’ development. This helps to engage the little ones minds where they learn new things. You can buy games they can play within the house individually or you can come up with simple games that you can play with your child.

Cancer – How Do I Slay the Ugly Dragon?

I have been a proponent for quite some time now that Cancer that ugly beast can be beat given the right circumstances and by doing the right things. I am talking about stacking the deck in your favour so that you have 4 Aces in your hand to beat that flush or 2 of a kind.

Now I don’t want to bore you with the reason we get cancer because the majority of the world’s population knows that it is the chemicals in the air we breath or some of the foods we eat amongst other things that causes it, but what most people fail to recognize is the simple fact that most people that succumbed to this deadly disease are usually deficient in 4 main nutrients the body needs to fight cancer. That is vitamin D, vitamin K, beta-carotene and folic-acid. These are the four aces you need to win that hand of poker or slay that dragon that wants you dead.

First of all, what I want to talk to you about is Cancer Prevention. Cancer prevention is defined as active measures taken to decrease the possibility of or incidence of cancer. That is what I mean when I say let’s try and stack the deck in our favour when it comes to preventing Cancer. Those that have been consumed by this ugly dragon named Cancer have been deficient in vitamins D, K, beta-carotene and folic acid. If is possible to be deficient in certain nutrients so that the immune system cannot fight off the rapid growth of this disease then who is it to say that by giving your body these same nutrients in abundance cannot help to cure this disease.

All I can say is, I was dying 4 years ago from my liver disease and the doctor only gave me 3 weeks to live since my liver was shot. But not only was my liver shot, my kidneys and pancreas were in pretty bad shape too. A good friend of mine named Chuck Debona turned me onto Juicing, so I juiced avidly everyday, carrots with broccoli, spinach and parsley. I would always change the drink with different combinations with an apple and or celery thrown in. My point is I gave my body all those nutrients that most people are deficient in when they die of Cancer. Now what has that got to do with cancer as far as my liver disease. Everything because it has to do with changing your diet to give your body what it needs nutrition wise to either prevent cancer or cure cancer.

On my journey back to health I met a man named Jim Whalen who had testicle cancer. The doctors only gave him a couple months to live since it spread into other parts of his body. Jim’s prognosis looked pretty grim since the doctor’s didn’t give him much hope. Guess what the same individual Chuck Debona who turned me onto juicing also brought carrot juice everyday for 2 months into the hospital for his friend Jim. Everyday Chuck would bring in a different combination of carrots, spinach and apple or carrots, brocolli and apple, or wheat grass, spinach and brocolli and guess what? Jim started to get better and his doctor’s who thought that Chuck was just a nutbar started to take notice. By the way guess what, Jim Whalen is still alive and well today when his doctor only gave him a couple months to live.

Now according to many specialists in regards to cancer including Doctor Mercola who has the number one Natural Health Website on the planet, many studies have shown that low levels of Vitamin D is correlated with increased cancer risk. Not to mention beta-carotene supplementation has been effective to decrease the risk of lung cancer. Now here’s the killer. Analysis from published articles from the 1970’s by Joyce McCann PhD and Bruce Ames PhD from Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute that a multitude of infirmities are in correlation to vitamin K deficiency.

According to Doctor McCann and Ames that a lack of Vitamin K is linked to bone deterioration, arterial and kidney calcification, cardiovascular disease and Cancer. Did you hear that, yes Cancer. The verified findings are published in the October 2009 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Now if you are a Cancer Patient please take special note. Regarding Paxil and Tamoxifen. There have been Alerts and Warnings published that there are dangerous side effects due to increased risks of dying from breast cancer since the risk increases the longer these two medications are used simultaneously. Furthermore you could qualify for compensation if you have been taking these harmful drugs at the same time. That is why I am an advocate of Natural Healing all the way. First of all I was cured of Cirossis of the Liver and secondly I have personal friends that have beat Cancer by going on a raw food diet with lots of carrots, brocolli, spinach, celery, garlic, ginger, and many other vegetables I don’t have time to name.