Depression and Its Various Causes

The researchers often talks about to find the cause of a disease. Some causes for a particular disease are very straightforward. For example a broken leg is the result of the strain in the leg muscles. The Knee pain is the result of the disruption in the tendons and ligaments. The running nose is the result of cold. But the situation is not so simple with depression because there is not only a single cause of depression. Even it is also very difficult to determine which cause results to which type of depression. Depression occurs because of the disturbance in the brain nerve cells due to which they are not in a condition of communicating with each other. These nerve cells are known as neurotransmitters. The factors which can effect these neurotransmitters and lead to depression are:

Family history: Depression can be a heredity disorder in some cases. Depression can be transferred from one generation to other in a family. So if someone’s ancestors or parents have ever experienced depression in their life then there are more chances of depression in their children.

Stress or disaster: The sad incident such as death of someone’s beloved or breakup in relationships can also cause cancer. Depression can also occur because of sudden change in life. These may include positive changes such as getting a new job and getting married. You can also suffer from depression because of some major financial crisis such as heavy loss in business.

Pessimistic Approach: People who have a negative approach towards life can suffer from depression. The people with low self prestige and those who always underestimate themselves are highly prone to cancer. But the depression occurs from such factors is very mild and is referred as Dysthmia.

Physical Disorders: Depression can also occur because of . diseases like cardiovascular, chronical and HIV. These diseases are not the direct cause of depression rather they makes the immune system weak. So the ability of body to fight against the diseases decreases. So depression can easily grasp such people.

Psychological Disorders: Depression in itself is a mental disorders but other mental problems such as Anxiety and Alzheimer can also lead to depression.