Play Fantasy Football and Get Beautiful Women Interested in You

Do you want to learn how to pursue your passion for fantasy football and learn how to get beautiful women at the same time? I love to play fantasy football and I love to date beautiful women. The two do not necessarily need to be mutually exclusive. To learn more read on…

OK first off let me make something instantly clear. I do not think you can actually MEET beautiful women WHILE playing FFB (Fantasy Football). FFB is a passion many guys have, as is dating women. The big thing is that it is the type of thing that makes many women roll their eyes. I am sure some play but not many. If you play in a league with a cute “female” chances are that it is really a dude trying to gain some advantage over you. Don’t fall for it.

What does Fantasy Football have to do with beautiful women?

A big part of it comes under, “what to avoid”. Let’s face it though I love FFB and it is fun, it is also a little dorky. You will not impress women talking about an amazing pickup you made off the waiver wire. 99% of women simply have no interest at all about it. When I think about fantasy sports I think of the movie” Knocked Up”. Paul Rudd plays a guy whose wife thinks he is cheating. She follows him trying to catch him “in the act”, only to stumble upon him at a fantasy baseball league meeting that he was sneaking out to. It was quite humorous. Paul had the right idea though; never let the woman know. That is guy stuff and should be kept among guys. Like the identity of your wingman. The first rule of FFB: don’t talk about FFB with women.

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